312 LED Video Light Upgraded

The 312 is one of our favorite LED lights. It's big and the color changing feature allows you to blend it in better with other light sources. The video (above) is a look at the original 312 LED Video light, but now this popular light gets a few upgrades. The first thing visibly is the new magnetic filter holders, much like the Z96 LED light. Why can't all the LED lights use this feature? This is awesome. Second upgrade is thicker filters for better diffusion. There's an upgraded hot shoe ball mount, and finally an overhaul on the entire frame. The body of the LED light has been redesigned with heavier plastic making the unit feel more solid and less flimsy. Other notable mentions are a longer 2 year warranty on LED lamps. With all the new upgrades, surprisingly prices stayed low. You can find the latest versions of this light (click here)

312 LED Light Upgrade New version 2
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18 thoughts on “312 LED Video Light Upgraded

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @efex - Probably not. You will get more coverage, but not necessarily more power (brightness). The 600 panels are spaced out more and the bulbs throw further. The 600 itself is very strong. Not to say you can't do anything with the 312 LED light. Last night I did a small shoot with (1) W12 LED light, (1) 352 Ring Light with Pink Gel, and (1) 312 LED light. That's it..

  3. Just a heads up, since we're on the subject of on-camera LEDs. I got that Aputure light that Emm pointed out a few weeks ago. I got the 198 LED, and the price at under $60 shipped for a dimmer LED light certainly seemed right. Unfortunately, my unit has a visible green cast. I put it next to a couple other on-camera LED I have, both in the $70-100 range, and a Fancier 500 LED I just got and you can easily see the difference in color. And we're not talking daylight vs tungsten difference.

  4. Ted H

    Now if they could just do that to the non color changing version (312A) I'm liking mine and gels aren't that difficult to use. It's worth it for use of more leds, since the color chaging led's only use about half of the leds. And i would love to have a more robust model with a magnetic filter holder and stronger ball head. Keep em coming 🙂 any updates on that lawsuit situation with lite panels?

  5. Rob

    Sounds like nice upgrades. I have the original and it's worked fine for me, though I dumped the ballhead on that and use a Giottos mini ballhead (https://amzn.to/mZfMz7). Cheap upgrade that works far better. I always worried about the plastic mounting point so it's nice they beefed it up.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - Actually the 600 and 900 require 14V-15V. Here's the article: httpss://cheesycam.com/tekkeon-battery-900-led-test/

    Regarding having to pick up a large light panel, carry it to a different location, and use it on a battery. I'll have a new article up next week on something interesting.

  7. Yeah, as for the cable I noticed that too. But these are the ends I'm looking for. There's an independently owned electronics store here in the LA area, in Burbank, Electronics City, (I'm in no way affiliated with them) that carries everything and has some very friendly knowledgeable salespeople, unlike Radio Shack, who can help you find anything.

  8. A parallel question. I anticipate using these 500 LED lights from AC, but when I do weddings there are some moments where I might need to pick up one of these to light a specific spot really quickly and it would be great to velcro one of those 5v/12v li-on packs on the light's back so I can use if for a few minutes without having to look for AC. Now, what do I do if I have a larger panel. The 900s I believe can be still be powered by the 12v pack, but the large 1200 LED panels need 24v. Any solution for that? I think you had an article where you were doing something with 12v packs in parallel or something?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - I find that barndoors don't really work with these LED lights. They are already pretty directional.

  10. Hey Emm, I just bought my first 500 LED panel from Fancier. It has the 12v 4-pin XLR out. So, to your knowledge, is there a ready made 4-pin XLR to the plug those little 5v/12 li-on battery packs you reviewed a while ago, or would I have to custom make them?

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