312 BI-Color Dimmable LED Video Light

What can I say, it's a kick ass light that's not too big, and not too small. It's color changing to make blending in with other lighting an easier task. It's dimmable down to 0%. Even with the Sony batteries on low, we didn't notice any flickering. The double Sony battery tray keeps it portable, but could be powered through it's built in AC input. When mixing it in with daylight colored lights, this one is our Hair Light on a long boom stand turned to tungsten to add a bit of warmth. These are one of Olivia's favorite lights so far, so we thought we'd give it a proper introduction on build and features. I'll be doing a side by side test against some other common lights soon too.

Uni Color 312 LED with only Dimmer

There's actually two versions of this light if you don't care for the Color Changing option. Not many people actually carry the second type. The other 312 uses ONLY Daylight colored LED bulbs, and 'Yes' it's actually much brighter than the color changing version which has to cut the LED count down to half in order to be at one color. You can see in the video that in order to change colors, the Bi-Color version has one set of Daylight and one set of Tungsten colored LEDs. Outside of that, the Bi-Color and Uni Color lights are exactly the same. You can find both versions through the link below.

312 LED Video Light
find-price-button 312 Bi-Color Changing Dimmable LED Video Light

40 thoughts on “312 BI-Color Dimmable LED Video Light

  1. Ramon

    I really appreciated your advice and after much investigating I decided to buy the Bolt for its power and flexibility. Thanks a lot!

    Now I'm looking for a field monitor. Will look for a thread on them to ask for your advice, as is much appreciated.

  2. Ramรณn

    I would appreciate some help from the knowledgeable people here.

    I've been burning my head with indecision over which powerful led light to buy. I value flexibility and power in the equipment I get. I already have two Tota Lights to set up in a certain shot and play, but even though at some point I'll buy other lights to my equipment, right now Im looking to buy a powerful led light that can be used on camera but could also serve me as an added light to a setup off the camera. Sometimes I do interviews for clients but my main passion is filmmaking, hence the pursue of flexibility.

    I've been looking from the Z96 that can be stacked up to the TTV-160 that can also be stacked, to the 312 LED. While I feel inclined to the last one, Im not completely sold on it and even then comes the question of Single or Bi-Colored. I'd rather have more power than color if I can use a filter to get the same effect.

    Im really confused and don't know which way to go. Help!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @kronstadt - I never really had any success with barn doors on LED lights because of how directional they already throw light. I'm not sure how helpful it would be on the 312 LED.

  4. kronstadt

    Nice lights, especially the versatility of bi-color, but where are the barn doors? Is there any solution to attach barn doors to these???
    Even YN160 comes with barn doors.

  5. Bart

    Has anyone tested the bi color light with a color meter. I have the 126 and 160 led LED on camera lights. I use them for set photography. The only problem is they can not balance to 3200 or 3400 I have tried a number of different filters and the color is way off. I only use my light for 5600 color temp sets. How has this light done with 3200 or 3400 color temps. Did anyone get a clean skin tone. Lowel has a bi light but is very expensive but if it has better skin tones at 3200 or 3400 I will have to pay more money. Nobody rents the Lowel to do a test.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @brian - Probably not at F/8 ISO 400. You'll need to boost the ISO more to expose for F/8 on this light.

  7. brian

    Does anybody know if this puts out enough light to shoot a subject that is about 5 feet away. I would like to stay at about f8, 125th iso=400
    I am doing still not video. What would you recommend for this? I am trying to use continuous instead of a strobe.


  8. Ted H

    Just got my 312 A non bi color dimmable led in the mail.... This thing is wicked bright!!! Awesome light... not as strong as my Z96... other than the diffuser filter there's no protection for the LED buldbs... the housing feels much weaker than the z96... but wow wicked bright and it has a wider throw too. I ordered a pack of lee daylight to tungsten filter for matching indoor lighting which I'll have to cut to fit properly but overall I thing this will be well worth the investment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Daniel


    Right on. I was gearing towards it. Thanks.

    Little off topic question but what kind of articulating arm would I need to attach my RodeVideoMic Pro from a flash bracket mount off my camera?

    Thank you

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - The Z96, The 240, or the 312.

    Z96: httpss://cheesycam.com/z96-dimmable-dslr-led-video-light-vs-126-led/
    240: httpss://cheesycam.com/hot-240-led-bi-color-led-video-lights/
    312: httpss://cheesycam.com/312-bi-color-changing-led-light-price-drop/

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - These 312 LEDs are great, but you might want a few of them for different purposes (hairlight, etc). A cheaper option with more output, but not battery powered, would be the 500 LED panel httpss://cheesycam.com/500-led-video-light-panel/

  12. Daniel

    Hi Emm,

    I need a on camera video light, mostly for interviews. I was shooting a yoga pilates place the other day and I was shooting downstairs where the studio was orangey coloured and upstairs studio had lots of light coming in.

    I think I would be better of to go with the Bi-Color light for versatility and being able to quickly switch colour temperatures.

    What do you recommend for my situation?


  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Debbie L. These are great LED lights httpss://cheesycam.com/led-light-panel-review/. They can run on AC or Battery, but they would require the V-Mount battery.

  14. Debbie L.

    Sorry, one more thing... I would also like to have it operated with a ac adaptor and batteries.

  15. Debbie L.

    First, Thank you for a great website/blog! I am looking to purchasing a LED panel light too. I have noticed you are in favor of the 500 LED Panel or use it more for your examples or demos.... I plan to purchase one for video work outdoors, however I would like to use gels for color. What would you suggest? May I also pick at your brain for a video project I am doing too! I look forward to your reply! Thank you again!

  16. Phil

    Would you use these for a wedding reception of 200 guests? If so, how many would you set up? Thanks!

  17. Mickey Jones

    Gotcha. Thanks. Guess I'll pick up the cheaper brighter single color and gel when necessary.

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Mickey Jones - Actually no. They would both be half dimmed. As you move from one color to the next it dims. Both knobs are dimmers.

  19. Mickey Jones

    One other quick question Emm,

    When the bi-color light is set to the middle in the range of color temp, are the LEDs shining at full power? Wouldn't this make it as bright as the single color but at a warmer color temp? Thanks. Its hard to find this kind of info online.

  20. Mickey Jones

    Hi Emm,

    Another who would like to see a comparison.

    Do you think it would make sense to get the single color version and use gels when necessary? I know it's hard to say because it depends on the user and circumstances, but I am caught between wanting the brightness of the single and the flexibility of the bi-color. Thanks.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Nate - Sorry guys, been busy. I have compared it and the Single light is much brighter (uses all 312). The Bi-Color still very bright, but about half. Someone just commented about testing the 321 Bi-Color here: https://vimeo.com/24874439

    I'll try to get a quick video up today.

  22. Nate

    @Emm I was wondering if you got around to Comparing the Bi-Color or Single Light Yet? Im in the Same position as John Mark. Thanks for all you Do!!!!

  23. first off thank you for all the info on the led lights. I got a 126, z76 and 500, but man, balancing the color with them has been a pain in the u-know-what!

    I really will look forward to the tests with this, these seem about as much as the 500's, i just got to figure out if its worth it. but man I am jumping between shad and flourseent and tungsent and window light and a mix of all of them sometimes...white balancing the d7000 so much is killing me ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. John Mark

    @Emm Ok that's true. I'm just not sure if it's worth buying the bi-color if it's not as bright as the oppose to just buying the one with 1 color which you stated a lot brighter.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Max - Not as bright, but definitely more portable and battery powered from simple cheap Sony batteries. It's also light enough to put on a boom stand, which I don't recommend too much on a 500 LED panel.

  26. Max

    Hmmm, interesting...

    The components included in the total kit make this intriguing.

    Any info on the light output? How does this light output stack up to the other 500 or 600 LED systems out there?


  27. Emm

    Post author

    @John Mark - If you are shooting during the day, next to a window, you can add 'fill' light in Daylight color. If you are shooting in a restaurant that uses Tungsten, you can add fill light in Tunsgten. You can also mix color with these Bi-Color LED's by choosing something in the middle.

  28. John Mark

    Noob question. What advantages does the bi-color led compared to the daylight only led if you can just adjust the white balance on your camera?

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