3 Amazing New Affordable LED Lights Available To Ship

Finally, the F&V R-300 (LED Ring Light), K4000, and K4000S 1x1 LED Light Panels are ready to ship! I personally have placed a pre-order for (3) of the R-300 LED Ring lights mainly for portability and the simple option of using inexpensive Sony batteries, and plan to use them mainly off-camera on light stands. I've been eagerly anticipating these lights since my pre-order, so excited to hear it's finally shipped.

The R-300 LED Ring Light is available in two different options, one with a 15mm Rod support and one with an L-Bracket Mount. According to F&V the 15mm rod support has been delayed in its transit, so customers will initially receive the ring light and then will be shipped the rail mount in about 2-3 weeks following. For all customers that have already pre-ordered the R300 w/ 15mm rod support, F&V plans to gift them the optional Milk Diffusion Filter for being patient and to show appreciation for their business. The R-300 LED Ring light can be found at the product page (Click Here)

find-price-button R-300 LED Video Ring Light

The K-4000 and K400S 1X1 LED Video Lights are also available on the site. I've seen these lights at the last PhotoPlus NY show and was very impressed by the build quality and light output. You can purchase the lights individually, or check out the current specials for (3) 1x1 LED Lights in a kit starting at just $1050 ($350/each). That's very competitive pricing even against more popular LED lights on the market. You can find the K-4000/K4000S light panels at the product page (Click Here).

find-price-button K4000 Single Color / K4000S Bi-Color LED Video Light Kits

28 thoughts on “3 Amazing New Affordable LED Lights Available To Ship

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Ivan - These are more flood designed and the K4000 has special offset filters for even better softer diffusion.

  2. Ivan

    Question: are these flood or spot? Thinking flood but thought to ask. Please respond when you get a moment. Thanks.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @huisman - Personally I would go with the R-300 setup as the K4000's run on more expensive battery types and still don't have the option for barn doors (flags). I do know several people who have to use the bigger lights because it's part of impressing their clients.

  4. huisman

    @apostolos @emm

    @emm you referenced your 900 led panels being much larger and thus the ring light fitting nicely for travel.

    What would you or anyone else suggest for a nice mobile interview setup?

    Would 3 of the Ring lights better (price $600) or 3 of the K4000 panels ($1100) ?

    *Primary use is off camera.

    Also how do these compare to Kino flo diva lights? is it worth the savings?

  5. Paul Abrahams

    I'm pretty happy with the Switronix TorchLED I bought from Marketek. Got a deal with Battery shipped to Australia $350.00.(plus a $20 voucher for next purchase) Very happy. I'd buy another.

    @Emm You should set up a tip jar linked to paypal for some of us to tip you for all the great work you do here on your blog. Most times I can't purchase through your links as Amazon won't ship certain items here.

    Happy New Year to you & family and to all who post on the blog.

  6. Larry

    These bi-color K400S models look really impressive...a hands-on video review would be nice before I take the plunge. Anyone know of a review or comparison video out there? Would be great to compare to the more popular 1x1s.

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  8. Hey Guys,

    Long time follower - great site Emm.

    Thought i'd chime in - just tried to order for ship to Australia and the ONLY shipping options it showed was:
    United Parcel Service
    Worldwide Expedited $120.10
    Worldwide Express Saver $124.83

    Hmm, shipping that (insanely) high is a deal breaker. I've emailed in case it was a mistake and will update if so.

  9. mark london

    I also use their older ring light as a a standard light source. Saved my ass many times. LOVE these new versions with the Sony battery. Will pick one up.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - It's not the shape i'm going for, it's the fact that they output so much light in a small package. They can still run AC/DC like the large panels, but here's 3 main reasons for getting a set.

    1) I can throw (3) R-300 ring lights in a small case compared to (3) 900 LED light panels.
    2) It's also cheaper.
    3) The R-300 runs on cheaper Sony Batteries, not V-Mount like the other larger panels.

    I may not be replacing my large panels (maybe I will), but I can definitely use these when traveling or on location much easier than working with the larger panels. Since they are lighter in weight, this also means I can travel with light weight stands. The larger panels require a decent stand to keep steady so they don't fall over.

    b) You can get similar materials from Tap Plastic available in different colors and opacities (we have a few Taps in the bay area). https://www.tapplastics.com
    Materials are easy to trim to fit.

  11. Hey Emm:

    I've got a couple of questions.

    a) Why buy the ring lights if you're going to use the mainly as off-camera light? I guess it might come down to personal taste in lighting, but I don't quite get it. I would guess the ring light might not have a hotspot, since it's missing the center, but then again aren't LEDs pretty even with no hotspot anyway? As for me, I never liked the particular look if you have the ring light on your camera. I used to have the Alienbees strobe ring light and I never used it on camera, I ended up using it only as an off-camera strobe.

    b) Would you happen to know where I could get a sheet of that translucent diffusion plastic sheet that the 312 video lights (Polaroid, Cowboy studio, etc) come with. I bought a couple of them and one was missing the diffusion screen. I saw some sellers selling it on Ebay, but for the smaller 160 LED light. Where could you find a sheet of that material and, of course, I could cut it down to size.

  12. Irc

    F&v told me the single has almost 2500 lux at 1 m while using one of the color only gives about half at 1245 lux.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Greg - From all the other systems i've tried, the single color ones produce more light output, but I would not say it is double the light output. It's definitely brighter though.

  14. Any idea if the bi-color LED panel has half the LEDs in use (for one type of color) vs the single-color LED panel. So would the single color LED panel produce double the amount of light?

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin - Advantage is that you can warm up the color if you're trying to balance with say ambient lighting. Con is that half the LEDs are warm and half are cool so you don't get as much light output.

    If it helps, I did a video a few years ago talking about bi-color LEDs here: httpss://cheesycam.com/color-changing-variable-color-led-video-lights/

  16. Austin

    whats the advantage of bi color vs single color? would love to get a set of these in the future when i need a more portable set of lights instead of my hot Fresnel. Also does anyone have a recommendation of type of light to buy to light up a whole room with? like to create ambiance light from a bounce board or bounced off the roof? was thinking of something like a 1k open face.

  17. Stefan

    I just can confirm, the F&V K-4000 LED light panel gives a wonderful clean and bright light without any greenish tint. No correction filter needed. The plastic they use is also of good quality, doesn't look cheap at all, on the contrary. I compared the brightness to a 650 W "As Arri" Fresnel light (what is a totally different type of light source of course), and the LED panel was a little weaker, so I believe one of the LED panels might compare to about a 500 W hot light, just to give an idea of the brightness. The only weak point is the lack of a holder for filters and gels. I need to tape them onto the panel. Nevertheless, I think about getting more of them...

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Jordan - No samples yet, just the examples from the shows. I should have mine soon and will be putting up some examples of use. Batteries are cheap Sony camcorder style which can be purchased from just about any store. They run in different capacities from small to large if you want longer run times. You can find a variety of types here: Sony NP-F Batteries

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Lee - No not my wife, we both teamed up to cover PhotoPlus New York together with a few other guys. We have teamed up to cover NAB and PMA this past year also. We shot all of the PhotoPlus interviews with the small RX100 point and shoot cameras, and used a mini Shotgun mic boomed overhead. Wasn't perfect, but it beats traveling with heavy gear for just informational coverage.

  20. Lee

    What is the connection with Olivia, Emm? She your wife or something? You always seem to have her videos on a lot.

  21. Jordan

    Are they any samples where we can see these lights in action? Also where can I buy batteries for them?

  22. those rings look pretty cool.
    on another related note. when do you think carryspeed's gonna come out with their
    Vari-ND filter for the RX100?

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