277 Bi-Color Dimmable LED Light Review

I posted an article about some new 277 LED Video lights not long ago, but there was only two available for sale online with no real information on performance and quality. These new Socanland LED lights come in a few different flavors in a few different sizes, most popular right now are the 277 and 310.

Cam Cornelius was actually at NAB2011 when he picked up his Socanland 277 Bi-Color DImmable LED light, which he seems to be really impressed with. Cam's put together what appears to be the first video review about the Socanland 277 LED light. With a wide angle lens you can see it doesn't seem very spotty and covers a large area of the screen. A solid build, good form and fuction seems like Socanland is getting off on the right foot with DSLR Video. If this is a light you'd be interested in, they aren't available at this time. But check back here in a few, i'm on the ball to let you know as soon as they become available. [Thanks Cam]

find-price-button 277 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights

find-price-button 310 LED Bi-Color Changing LED Video Lights

2 thoughts on “277 Bi-Color Dimmable LED Light Review

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  2. Mickey Jones

    Please do let us know. I want one.

    Seems like much better build quality than other ebay hotshoe LEDs.

    Need some more reviews too.

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