160 LED Video Light – $0.01?

Carlos writes in and shares a 160 LED Video light listing that shows up as $0.01 (one cent) + $6.99 shipping. I wouldn't question the seller, since the account has had over 45,000 ratings at almost a full 5 stars. Pricing mistake? Maybe, maybe not. You can find that LED video light listing following the link (click here).

160 LED Video LIght
find-price-button 160 LED Video Light Dimmable

[Update] Sold out in less than a minute. LOL.

38 thoughts on “160 LED Video Light – $0.01?

  1. Just as a follow-up, I finally received 6 of these lights in Toronto, ON (CANADA) yesterday via Florida address. Paid approx $23... not the greatest lights but pretty darn cheap for 6 LED video lights. And yes, they actually honoured the pricing on Amazon.

  2. Steven

    They did the same car charger thing with me, but I told them I refuse to accept it. They offered me a 126 LED unit (which I had no problem accepting). Instead of waiting and forgetting about it like Chris, I'll just settle. Either way, $7 just got me a new light. 😀

  3. Chris Wilmshurst

    They sent me an email...

    We are doing a regular order processing and came across your Amazon order # (REMOVED), however, we are so sorry to see that it turns out that the LED video light you need is out of stock. We found there was an error between our system and amazon which made our amazon listing showed stock level available (not available in fact) as well as wrong price ($0.01/each) when you placed your order. This error has been corrected. So sorry for the inconvenience caused to you."

    I emailed them replying that I will happily wait for it until it arrives in stock. I'm not losing out on a bargain.

  4. CameraDude

    Why must we have to cancel and not just have them do it? Do they have to just hope people willingly cancel it to bypass some kind of agreement with Amazon on final sale prices?

  5. Just got an email today from the seller that basically said, -sorry for the inconvenience and our pricing mistake. Please cancel your order...- That's the short version. They mentioned they are also willing to send me a car charger. haha car charger? wth. I'd rather just get my money back and no LED lights. 😀

    Looks like they are trying to dissolve the situation. I'm going to let me order stand for now and wait and see.

  6. Allen H.

    Got notification that the items are not in stock and would like to cancel the order. They are willing to ship out a free car charger for the inconvenience.

  7. HDSLR Gear

    FWIW, I spoke to Amazon yesterday about an order issue.

    I have a cart that I should be placing the order for this week. One of the items is $900, but it is currently out of stock.

    It is a sale price,, and I called to asked if I would still get the sale price if I ordered now - even if the price goes up after I ordered it before it is shipped to me.

    Amazon said they would honor the price at the time I ordered it.

    Interesting to see if Amazon treats "mistakes" the same way. I know ebay would side with the seller and cancel all orders.

  8. Anthony

    It would be nice when these deals pop up, if greed didn't pop into everyone's brain. I was on here at 6:10 yesterday ha ha If people didn't place orders of 10+ more could've got one. I hope they honor the deal for those of you who were able to pick one up.

  9. I feel bad for the seller. It was obviously a mistake by either amazon or the seller, and people take advantage of this knowing an LED light like that does not cost $.01

    I'm sure the seller is now gonna have to go through hell and might get tons of bad reviews and negative feedback.

    However, I still have faith in honest people and I hope some buyers don't bitch when the seller cancels and orders and apologizes.

    By the way, I'm not the seller, I don't know the seller, I just think this it's ridiculous how people try to take advantage.

  10. Update from the first comment I posted ^: I ordered two then thought about it, and got two more. My "open orders" in Amazon went from saying "Not yet shipped" to "shipping soon"! Hopefully it will go through! :fingers crossed:

  11. Carlos

    Yes but I had the chance of doing it, that is why I fell dumb about it. I found the item. Just tight on money so did not want to pay more for shipping 🙂

    Well, next time!

  12. Levi Allen

    @carlos thats how we all feel carlos. and the ones who missed it are like, damn, i wish i was on the interwebs all day trolling for deals on cheesycam so i bought one in time.

    just hoping these orders are respected, dont want another flash pandemic 😀

  13. Mike

    My guess it is a pricing mistake. I attempted to purchase one, and it looks like the seller is in the middle of changing the listing. It said it was no longer available....

  14. Chris Wilmshurst

    Oh, not advertising or anything, but try renting an address in the US? thats what I did. (I'm from the UK).

  15. Hey Emm,
    Is it possible for you to create a secret list when these crazy deals come up? If you already have this list, can you tell me how to get on it?

    I bet you a few of these would go through, but when 10,000 people buy 100 each, they cancel the deal.

  16. Thien

    just tried, but it looks like seller took it down or ran out before i could finish the payment. sucks 🙁

  17. Levi Allen

    I just tried to put through an order of 18 and it said quantity is no longer available, switched it to 5 and the order was posted. Just got the confirmation email from amazon that the order went through! hopefully this doesn't turn out like those flashes we all tried to buy for 4$ each. I hope amazon holds them too these prices!

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