15mm Swing Away Rod Clamp

If you've wished that your current Dslr Video Mattebox had that swing away feature like most high end MatteBoxes, here's an interesting new piece of kit that could come in handy. The LanParte 15mm Swing Away Rod Clamp features a hinged design that can swing a Matte Box or other 15mm accessory away from the front of your rig for quick lens changes or easier access to your filter trays. Not a cheap solution, as it will run close to $38 US dollars (plus shipping), but some people need the convenience. Check it out via eBay (click here).

Swivel Lanparte 15mm Swing Away15mm Swing away Swivel
find-price-button Lanparte Swing Away Dual 15mm Rail Clamp

6 thoughts on “15mm Swing Away Rod Clamp

  1. Malcolm Debono

    I was also intrigued by this clamp since it would be very useful when changing lenses.

    Regarding the issues mentioned above, from what I understood the small rods on the front are included as well as the screw-in adapter (since there isn't any knob for these). There are 2 knobs in all: one at the bottom (which you use to insert to the rods on your rig and tighten it) and the green lock on the side which is used to lock/unlock the clamp for swinging.

    Anyways, I ordered one and will keep you informed when it arrives!

  2. I think 38$ is reasonable, but it is very unclear whether it comes with the small rods or not.

    From the item's description:

    "What In Package:

    1 x Lanparte Swing Clamp 15mm Rod Rail System For Matte Box MatteBox Lens DSLR Rig

    Note: Other parts are not included, They exist only to help buyer understand the application of the clamp."

  3. Damon

    I have been looking more closely at this particular device and something perplexes me. There is only a single locking knob on only one side. The other three holes have no apparent way to tighten down on a rod. It looks like they are expecting you to use the screw-in threads on the part that swings out, but what about the other hole for the rail that the swing is "attached" to (next to the one with the tightening knob)?

    It appears that whatever rail you try to put in there needs to fit exactly or it either won't fit or won't be snug. That seems... odd.

  4. It would be great if they also offered this with a built-in step-up. I had to step up (raise) my matte box in order for it to line up with my camera which is on a Manfrotto 323 RC2 quick release adapter. If another version of this swing-out offered the step-up, too, we wouldn't have to buy both products.

  5. Scott

    Thanks for spotting this one, Emm!

    When you've spent hundreds of dollars on a rig, 38$ seems cheap enough for me. That increases the value of a standard mattebox quite a bit, and makes lens changes WAY easier.


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