128GB Sony SDXC Card Just $69 Bucks

Thanks to Scott for pointing this amazing deal out. Typically priced around $1/GB this Sony 128GB SDXC card is on sale now for just $69 bucks. That's just a little over half price off which is a steal on this card. I have several of the 64GB cards which I use to shoot ProRes on the BMPCC (can't do RAW), so they are decently fast. This just might be what I need to throw in my new Panasonic LX100 to stack up some all day 4K videos. The deal literally ends today in less than 12 hours so (FIND IT HERE).

Sony 128GB SDXC Card
find-price-button Sony 128GB SDXC Card

7 thoughts on “128GB Sony SDXC Card Just $69 Bucks

  1. magetv

    ...cards that high frighten me a bit...
    A good friend was an early adopter and paid those exorbitant prices when the very high capacities came out...data corruption...day's worth of captured content lost...God bless multicamera production environments...it was not the easiest fix but it WAS fixable...but that data was still lost...

    I stay between 16 and 32GB

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - Yes it's slower than the Sandisk Extreme Pro. The Sandisk Extreme Pro can do both fast read and write, while the Sony can do one fast, and the other a bit slower.

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