105w CFL Octagon SoftBox with LightStand

Sometimes a single light is all that's needed. Here's an inexpensive Octagon softbox with a 105w CFL bulb (equivalent to approx. 525w incandescent). The kit also comes with an 86" air cushioned light stand, and available for Prime shipping, making the deal even sweeter. This is a nice little setup because CFL bulbs transmit most of their light from the sides and not the front of the bulb. A softbox used with CFL bulbs will trap and redirect more light than those shoot through umbrella type kits like these (here).

The stock bulb is spec'd at 6500K which is fairly cool, but there are plenty of 105w 5500k CFL Light Bulbs available online. If this is your only source of light, a simple white balance should warm things up. Right now there's a price drop on this single CFL light Stand Softbox kit, and less than 5 available following the link (click here).

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13 thoughts on “105w CFL Octagon SoftBox with LightStand

  1. Randy

    @Emm -- I bought two of these lights for a small, portable interview setup and they work nicely. They provide more than enough light when using my Canon t2i. Now I need to add a hair light to the setup and I'm curious what you suggest. I could add one more of these lights and use tin foil to direct the light. But that option doesn't really appeal to me. Do these CFLs mix with other lights. Perhaps a portable 312 led would be an option. Would the 312 be bright enough for a hair light? What other options for a small, portable, affordable hair light would you suggest? Thanks.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @owen - Yes it did include (1) 105w CFL Bulb. It was a great deal. I thought about getting two for the dressing room in my studio for makeup artists to work in, but I missed out too!

  3. y2j

    wow, those lights were incredibly cheap. 36 bucks gets you a lightstand softbox lightbulb and fixture. How can that be legit

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @itsjohnny2 - Actually I don't recommend large softboxes for weddings. Most Weddings pay several hundreds to thousands of dollars on lighting a reception (going for a romantic look). I would try my best to work around what they have in place so as not to be distacting. On camera LED lights, maybe a few Z96 or 312 LED lights off to the side might be good. Try to blend in. The focus should be on the bride and groom and not on the camera operators.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @D - We've been using a set of cheap CFL's for a long time, several hours everyday. No issues. You can see just two CFLs up front in this video https://vimeo.com/28390219. The lights in use are these 3000w CFL light Kit.

    They suck at assembling and disassembling for travel. Mostly plastic housings. Once you have them set up though, they provide a nice broad and diffused quality of light for the price.

  6. D

    Hey Emm
    You ever get weird color issues over the life of a CFL? Or you ever run into a shutter speed problem (because the ballast is integrated into the CFL and it's not changeable to a high speed ballast)?

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