The Gini Rig Arrives from Korea

If you've been looking for DSLR rigs, i'm sure you've heard about the Korean DSLR Rig manufacturer Gini. The photo gallery (above) has two pages, so click the #2 to see more images. If you haven't heard of the DSLR Rig manufacturer from Korea, you can find all the available products here: Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

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I'm about to write an article about a piece of DSLR gear that will sound like it belongs in a Playboy magazine. All the information out there on the web say the Korean DSLR rig manufacturer is just as good as the other guys sporting a Red and Black theme. I'm here to tell you that's all true. Sure the prices aren't dirt cheap, but the quality is outstanding, and keep reading to find out why i'm writing this. I'm sitting here with a huge package of clamps, rods, mounts, handles, and other odd shaped pieces of machined aluminum. Every single piece is carefully detailed, with high quality anodized coloring, and an outstanding flat brushed like finish. If you've ever dealt with manufacturing parts, you'd probably see this more as a fine work of art, than just pieces of equipment. The handles are as large as my hands with a smooth contoured finish that makes it easy and comfortable to grasp. There's nothing cheap on this rig, right down to the tiny bolts.

gini-dsl-stabilizer-rig (22 of 29)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

Sure, these rigs are nothing new and the seller has been out there for years. So why am I talking about this, and why am I currently infatuated with this new rig? I got it for a steal, and I mean literally a steal. I do eBay all the time, but this is the first time i've won an auction for something I thought I wouldn't receive. DSLR Rig sales on eBay have slowed down alot. The market is definitely saturated and everyone is finding new ways to build up custom rigs. Fortunately the seller Gini continues to market solely through eBay with a combination of 'Buy it Now', 'Best Offer', and 'Auction' type listings. There's a slew of different rigs being sold at different prices. I started by throwing in extremely cheap 'Best Offers' at a few different rigs. I was obviously denied, and fairly quickly I might add. Next I moved on to the actual Auctions listings where you throw in a bid, and surprisingly there's no reserve. I went straight for the big $1500 dollar package that offered so many different pieces. There's no denying a bid like the 'Best Offer' listings. Once the bid is in, it's in. The only way to get out of the sale is to be outbid. A few hours later, holy crap, I won the auction.

gini-dsl-stabilizer-rig (17 of 29)
find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

No communication came in about my payment being received, or any shipping information. Since it's an over seas sale, I decided to give him some time. 10 days after I won the auction, here I am talking about it. There's plenty of options for DSLR rigs, but not many of them offer 'Best Offer' and bid type 'Auctions'. If you've already got a budget set aside for a rig you're saving up for, you might want to throw in a few bids or leave some Best Offers with Gini. You never know what you can end up with, and for what price. I'm not going to talk about what I received my package for, but if you're an avid eBayer, it's an easy look up through the 'Completed Listings' advanced search option. You can easily see what rigs have sold, for what prices, and what offers were accepted. There's no doubt that I got lucky on this auction, but i'm glad Gini stood behind the auction and honored the sale. The item shipped fast, and also included a package labeled 'Gift' with a bunch of extra rods. (shown in the photos).

If you're looking to take a chance, and get lucky, click on any of the images in this article, or check out the new listings for these luxurious DSLR rigs: Click here for Pricing on Korean DSLR Rig, Rods, Clamps, Handles, Stabilizers

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find-price-button Gini DSLR Rigs

105 thoughts on “The Gini Rig Arrives from Korea

  1. Constantin

    I ordered a extreme 17 rig from gini rig worldwide and i have to say, that this is the best thing you can get for that cheap! its really solid, looks nice, and well ajustable!
    maybe i will upload some footage soon 😉

  2. dphotos

    I ordered a Gini Rig on Ebay and it has been two weeks and still no rig. I sent countless E-mails before someone answered and they that it would be sent. I had paid through Paypal. I just hope I get my rig. I strongly believe a company should have a set fair price for a product. I ended up paying around for 400 with shipping to the United States for their top of the line rig with follow focus and a rear counter weight. When I see the same rig at the buy it now price at the 1500.00 range I believe the company looses it reputation when then bounce the price around like that plus the company needs to communicate with the customer about their orders. I just hope I will get my rig soon and I will be happy with it.

  3. billyboy

    I just received my Extreme 17 Rig with FF and Weight, a week after the auction ended! I'm making the transition (expansion, really) from being a stills pro to being able to offer some light video services. When I was just getting started years back, I bought some dubious Chinese gear because it was the right price (read:cheap). The stuff has long broken, failed and died, but you knew that it would just looking at it. This Gini Rig is 180 degrees the opposite. The FF alone was worth more than what I paid for the entire rig! The fit and finish is spectacular and everything is beautifully machined. I couldn't be more excited to put this stuff to work.

  4. Is anyone selling some Gini pieces? 🙂
    I just got my rig yesterday, but would love few more scewable 15mm rods 🙂 For weights and to extend the front ones for Barn dors perhaps.

    mail me at damirkaran AT gmail if you have some for sale and would like to ship it to Serbia or Austria.

  5. Fdub

    Man am I glad I found this thread. I just purchased a Cadillac rig. Christmas sale extreme-17 focus set. Ebay link I took the advice from previous posts and bid on rig from the ebay store. It had a “buy now” price of $1550 with a starting bid of $399. There were no bids with about 6 hours and 45 minutes left, so I bid the minimum and won. Shipping was $75. Thanks CheesyCam!!!

  6. Michael F

    Took your advice and bid on an "Extreme 1700" rig from the ebay had a "buy now" price of $1350 with a starting bid of $299. There were no bids with 45 minutes left, so I bid the minimum and won. Shipping was $65, and I now have it in my hands less than five full days later! Amazing. The build quality looks great! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Shadi

    @emm funny thing I read this opinion in an earlier comment of yours.. but i could say no to the $200 in savings you're right..

    but ... i blame it on gini for if they didn't have way cheaper prices on their website, i wouldn't have hesitated.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Shadi - I consistently tell people over and over, that you should only buy via eBay. I am very aware of the website, but never suggest anyone buy anywhere but eBay. Sounds like if you stuck to eBay you would have been O.K.

  9. like everybody else i got excited and wanted to order one of those wonder gini rigs my horror story goes as follows;

    I bid on the EXTREME 17 PLUS for 550$ , then realized they have a website (, saw the same rig for 377$ , after that I won the bid (was the only bidder) ... sent them an email if they can adjust the ebay price to match their website's, they said no but they can cancel the ebay bid so that i can buy from the website...10 minutes later ebay bid cancelled, and suddenly website price increased to $950 !!

    also...shipping cost for ebay through 75$ ...but through website it was 125$ .

    this pricing mess is not good for their credibility and reputation especially if you have a bad experience . all in all... very bad experience and playing dirty sums up gini rigs for me.

  10. Alex

    Hello there,
    Thanks for the writeup. Would be great to do a follow up after you've used it too!

    Here's a tip for all wannabe DSLR rig owners. Manufacturers like Gini continue to manufacture, theres no shortage of rigs to buy. They seem to set all their "buy it now" prices quite high and openin bids quite low. So, if you want a rig, bif on one with no bids. If you see one that's already bid, leave it to the guy who already bidded to get a good deal. If everyone does that, we'll all get a good deal! =^>
    Just a thought for us no budgeters to help eachother out.

  11. Michael

    I went to the Gini web site and he was offering the Extreme -17 at $399. I thought about it for a week and on returning to the site the price had dropped to $359. I bought it through Paypal and it arrived in UK within five days. Shipping, brokerage and duty took the price up but it came to less than £300 in total. I also received and e-mail from him informing me of shipment. Well delighted.
    Two weeks later, I discovered your review!

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  13. drew

    We did an auction for a one of the gini rigs (really wanted the DSLR baseplate). It turns out the rails work with our Chrosziel rails too (extenders screw in).. otherwise the parts are solid if a bit heavy, not as refined as RedRock micro but for the price you can't argue.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @DamirK - These rigs are all industry standard. You can always add a top handle to any rig you get later. You can get rods and handles from many different companies.

  15. I would only by over eBay... I am just searching YT and Vimeo to see it in action, still deciding if it's best option for me.

    Can Extreme 17 be carried from the top? Any way to add a top handle?

    Or should I go for K-5?? To be able to use it for low angles?

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @DamirK - I suggest buying only through eBay for the best protection on placing orders.

  17. I've seen that, not much bidding on auctions... 2 were ending last night, but I did not know much about them, so I was not ready to order 🙂 Have been researching a bit last night... might wait for the next auction.

    What made me ask here are prices on their web site...

  18. baramed

    I follow the link in the ebay store, I will wait a little more. Thanks for your answer!

  19. Joel Ailes


    I just stumbled onto your site a few days ago and it is terrific.

    The $125 Crane that you reviewed will be one my next purchases.

    Keep up the great work and thanks a lot!

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel Ailes - Yes same rig. I sold off pieces I didn't need so overall I got a kick-butt rig for cheap. No tax to California and yes same seller.

  21. Joel Ailes


    I just bought this rig:

    Is this the same model you bought?
    Is this a different seller?
    Was there any customs tax levied (as this seller mentions that although there is no shipping cost, he notes the buyer is responsible for customs fees).


  22. A. David Shaw

    I just received the new Extreme 17 plus rig, this is very impressive to use. I had no problems getting it, as a matter of fact I received it in 3 business days. Thanks for pointing out this awesome rig.

  23. Shlo

    An update for my last post. It turns out Gini was sick and in the hospital. Since then he has been super responsive to my emails and incredibly helpful. So please disregard my statement that it is difficult to get in touch.

  24. Shlo

    One thing I will say is that communicating with the guy from Gini Rigs is virtually impossible. While I got my rig very quickly and the quality was great, I've wanted to pick up a few extra parts. He hasn't returned any of my numerous emails.

  25. Hey all, Thanks cheesycam for the great info! I came across this rig just searching on ebay, and when I saw the Z 7 rig at a low best offer price, I bit right on it! A few hours later, I got a message that I won. On that bright sunny Tuesday I made the purchase, and on Monday the box arrived on my doorstep! How this item got from Korea to the East coast that quickly…. I do not know, but I did not complain! 🙂 I didnt get instructions, but looking at the pictures on ebay… I pieced it together! And I must at, this definitely was a bang for my buck!!! The price was great, shipping was perfect, and the communication with the seller was really smooth! I purchased a $59 viewfinder, and with these two items I look like the pros who spend $1,000 on their stuff!!! I would recommend, and if anyone wants to see the video… check out in a few days!

  26. Shlo

    I just got the DSLR Pro 10. It arrived at my front door just 4 days after I won the auction. I've been using a friend's Zacuto Double Barrel for a couple of weeks and decided to give the Gini Rig a shot.

    So far I am more than impressed. The quality is absolutely 100% on par with zacuto. I do wish the handles were a bit longer. The zacuto handles can screw into any rods and the rods on the Double Barrel are about 3" longer than on the Gini Rigs. However, I've figured out how to lengthen the handles with a few more, cheap parts that I hope to order from Gini Rigs (given the language barrier isn't too difficult).

    Considering the quality and how easily modifiable these rigs are, I'd definitely recommend it. The only other rig I'd consider is the Express35 offset.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrizio - Not sure what you mean, that's never happened with me nor have I heard anything about that. I'm not sure where you're getting the information from.

  28. Patrizio

    I love this site, but am becoming concerned with the Gini links. The link takes you to super gouged priced rigs. When you do see one that is competitively priced and bid, Gini plays a game of messaging you with a bait and switch rig. First saying you have a second chance, then changing the rig and shipping costs. Yikes! I hate to see cheesycam get used by the dark side.

  29. ed

    Has anyone had any luck ordering multiple parts from these guys?
    I want the DSLR baseplate, and two lens supports but i can't seem to combine shipping. ebay site doesn't allow it. and their website wont let you select the lens supports.
    I've sent them numerous questions about this on ebay but I can't get a response...

  30. Larry Farkas

    I am the last guy to criticize a guy for trying to eek out an existence in the present day world.

    However, if you sell something for next to nothing, you will make next to nothing. Given this fact, how do maintain the resources to improve your product, correct problems the customer may have or anything else for that matter?

    I myself am in the midst of a design/production cycle which is proving itself a challenge.

    Sure I'll get it done, but how much more will it cost and will I be able to amortize those cost over a reasonable product-life scenario?

    I built one of the first DSLR video rigs four years ago.

  31. Mike Chenoweth

    Received my DSLR PRO 10 Rig yesterday - Ordered on the 2nd, had it on the 6th to Utah. So far, pretty impressed. Time will tell if this is a contender to the big guys but overall, for the cost $274 with shipping, it's a pretty smoking deal.

    The rubber shoulder pad stinks so bad that I hope I don't get chemical burns on my shoulder - did a little scrub down and it's a bit better.

    The new handles on these rigs ( much like the Z-guys ) are machined and not a cast plastic type - beefier and better quality than the Z handles. Aside from that, again... time will tell.

    Happy thus far. 🙂

  32. dbop

    The "Gini" company is a bunch of jerks. I ordered the K1 rig. 4 days later they email me: "The homepage is still under construction and does not mention the shipping fee.
    An addition $75 is needed for shipping."
    Not my fault their webpage doesn't work.

  33. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeromie - Normal shipping prices from the auctions are pretty high, but once the item ships it gets here pretty quick. I know all about the other websites that have been selling Gini stuff in the past, but i've not once ever advised anyone to buy from there. I only suggest dealing with eBay and Paypal.

  34. Jeromie Whalen

    What happened to these rigs? Are there others that are similar in price you would recommend? Looks like they don't exist anymore.

  35. I recently picked up one of these rigs on eBay. I don't think I got quite the deal that others have gotten but easily saved myself 1k or so over the price of other black and red rigs and hundreds over the less expensive US ones, the build quality is top notch, not the cheapest but a great compromise that hits the right spot in price and performance. In fact, I bought on eBay on a Monday and had the product show up this morning.

    Highly recommended. Excellent value.

  36. weelian

    I ordered 2 rigs from his new ebay shop eBay Seller with Gini DSLR Support Rigs and Parts

    For those not minding his higher prices at ebay, I'd suggest bidding at the lowest and wait for it, even if your are out bid, there will be new rigs listed at lower prices almost immediately, or he will offer to sell another set to me at my bid price.

  37. Martin Mestre

    hi, great site....

    looking to get a gini rig, any suggestions? not on ebay...


    keep up the great work

  38. Can anyone give me the full weight of the EXTERAM-17 package? I've got one on order and am trying to configure a support package. I doubt I'll use all the pieces, but I'm trying to get an idea of how much weight I'm in for-- worst case scenario. Thanks in advance!

  39. spaceflows

    Anybody having issue with the rods getting a little too slippery/loose in the shoulder pad and spinning/twisting a bit?

  40. Shaz

    Ok, after waiting god knows how many days (i think 20 days) my Extreme 17 Rig finally arrived. No instructions, but after about an hour i figured the look from the pic on ebay. Now im tweaking it to suit me. I think gini could really do with maybe adding clip on for some things as you have to take a lot apart to get to one thing. The materials are well made tho and i dont think i'd pay the extortion prices that some people sell there gear for.....(Redrock, zacuto..etc) when theres this amazing company producing rigs for realistic prices.
    Can't wait to get into the field with my new Gini Rig!

  41. Emm

    Post author

    Thanks Carey, you'll want to keep up with the blog. After posting anything on this site, prices usually go up. LOL. If you're quick you can take advantage of some of the cheap finds posted on here.

  42. Well I just won an auction for the Exteram-17 rig on eBay. at $580 + 105 shipping I think I probably paid quite a bit more than Emm or some of you, but Gini seems to have raised his minimum pricing quite a bit since this post. Heck, his auctions actually link to this page now! LOL.

    BTW Emm I should introduce myself. I'm Carey and I've only just discovered this site within the last 10 days or so. I like it a lot. Thanks Emm! You're doing a great job.

  43. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - There's a few sellers out here who might 'resellers' or somehow doing business with. They are definitely the same parts, but most of them sound like 'built to order'. So don't expect it to ship the next day, but you will receive a nice rig for a cheap price if you can grab those auctions or Make Offer listings. Here's the link to that seller: eBay Seller with Gini DSLR Support Rigs and Parts

  44. Tim

    Hi all,

    I reported in comment 34 that I sniped a rig for 199 bucks from another seller (toto486). The guy made things exciting by being awfully late with his shipping, marking the item as being worth 40 bucks and putting my ebay name on there instead of my normal name which caused customs to hold onto the parcel. I had to climb into the phone to pry it out of their hands...

    but... it finally arrived and is of similar (read: perfect) quality. So... for one of you not in a hurry... he has one auction up at the moment for the same rig I got (ex-7) starting at 299, no bids yet...

  45. spaceflows

    @ Prince: Last night I put together a franken-rig using the Gini + A.S.S. (ala dslr video shooter's set-up) for an upcoming event I'm shooting... and it's pretty cool. I'll post a photo soon. The A.S.S. is worth a try, only $20 bucks, so if it doesn't work it's no big loss. At first I was a little wary of the stability of the A.S.S. with rails, handles, camera, and accessories piled on, but it seems to hold true. Easier on the fatigue-factor.

  46. Emm

    Post author

    @Prince - the 24-105mm gives good range with IS but is onlybat F/4. watch out for the IS noise though. I even use my Tamron with VC that is quiet, but again not the best in low light.

  47. Hey Emm,

    Do you know what lens would be a good all around lens for the 7D for video?Been using the 24-70L but there is no IS on it. Used it with the Gini Rig off tripod and it was pretty shakey? Any recommendations?

  48. @spaceflows... Yes this rig is a beauty, but at the same time is heavy indeed. Tried to do a run and gun video shoot with a groom and bride after their wedding, and within minutes my arms began to tire and shake. Is it just me or do I need to do some weightlifting:) Anyway I am trying to look for a good counter balance weight for the shoulder pad. I was going to get the one from Gini but from an experience from another shooter he said it was still to light. And he was still fighting to hold it up from the front. Any suggestions?

  49. Emm

    Post author

    @spaceflows - I believe Gini makes an adjustable height baseplate for cameras that use different sized accessories. I've seen it before, but there's also one that Jag makes.

  50. spaceflows

    @ Prince: As I continue to build, rebuild, and rebuild again, I'm realizing this rig is a masterpiece. I may use the $20 A.S.S. for light, down-and-dirty shoots, but it doesn't hold a candle to this beauty, and to be honest, the A.S.S. hasn't come out of it's bag since the Gini arrived. While the Gini is heavy with everything on it, the probability of doing longs shoots requiring every piece may not be high. You can always plant it on a tripod or monopod for extra support (or a break).

    Emm put up an interesting story on his DIY answer to counterweights with scuba weights (BTW Emm, I saw this DIY concept included on a "real" rig recently, maybe on a Jag.35 rig! Look out, folks are makin' $$$ off your ingenuity).

    I'm in the market now for a riser plate. I picked up the D|Focus V3 from Jag.35 but my 60D sits too low on the Gini plate for it to work properly.

    @ Emm: I noticed Gini sells base plates, do you have any experience with them, or know if that would work as a solution to opening up some room for a follow focus on the Gini? If not, I may just DIY a metal plate w/some tapped holes.

    Thanks for the GREAT BLOG, Emm!!! You've been a tremendous help and inspiration in getting my new career & dreams off the ground!

  51. Emm

    Post author

    I bought an off brand. Let me see if it's of any good quality before I post it up. It might be garbage..LOL. For handles, you should check out the HD handles at, they got a pair of HD handles that are cheap too.

  52. Hey Emm,

    Can you please send me the link to where you bought the extra shoulder pad and handles. I have a few left over pieces as well. Did you finish putting your rig together in it's entirety?

  53. Andrew Howes

    Would you actually be able to assemble two rigs out of one of these more expensive units? I suppose you'd need a second shoulder pad, some handles and so forth...

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  55. @ Spaceflows: I just got mine as well. Totally stoked with the Gini Rig! I guess we didn't have to wait till December after all. I put mine together and right away I noticed it was a bit heavy with the camera and extra accessories. Are you planning to use the $20 shoulder rig instead of the Gini shoulder rig? I was looking for some type of counter balance to go with Gini's one, but now I'm thinking of going with the $20 set-up instead. Let me know how everything goes with your set-up. I'm still kinda new at this whole thing so any info helps. Thanks bro for the update!

  56. spaceflows

    My EXTERAM-17 from seller opst77 arrived today! 1 week from payment and just in time for a movie shoot next week. Amazing!!! Exactly as described and pictured. Holy cow... this thing is awesome, and kinda heavy too, but in a good way, really solid. Thanks Emm for the find, Prince for the talkback, and the rest of the gang here!

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  58. Tim

    🙂 just sniped a rig for 199 bucks (284 delivered)!!!


    Thanks for the pointer, emm! Wicked project you've got goin on!

  59. spaceflows

    @Prince... Same price as yours. Though not a "steal" like some others, still pretty nice, considering what rigs like this cost. Just in time for the holidays! (or next weekend? wishful thinking).

  60. @Spaceflows......Thanks for the post. How much did you get yours for? Mines was $499+shipping. Yes I have to agree the 2 month wait sucks big time. But I'm betting it will be worth the wait.

  61. spaceflows

    @ Prince. I ordered the EXTERAM-17 from opst77 as well. Sadly the shipping date is 12/07 - 12/20!!! 2 months from now. Paying $85 in shipping I was hoping for faster shipping than 60 days! Here's to hoping it is.

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  65. Jackson Miller

    So my $399 rig (the one above) just arrived and it is even more amazing in person.

    @xlerate - There are many options out there and it just depends on how you spend your money etc. I for example, do not have a car (reaaally need one though). I suspect that if you big 150-200 you would be able to get one of his cheaper rigs. Try the plain dsl 17 and then add padding to the handles like the $8 foam things viicolor on ebay sells.

    @Mark - you pretty much just have to buy on ebay. You can try to contact him about custom orders. Some people have had success but it is long and painful because he pretty much doesn't speak english. That is the downside of these rigs. Some people reccomend translating it into korean using an online translator first. Basically you are best off buying a rig with the parts you want to keep it simple. That's just how it works out.

    Also, there is a VERY long thread about these rigs that I started at cinema5d a year or two ago that is still going strong. Kinda funny that I just now bought one. Not sure if I can link to it but if you have a question it'll be covered there.

  66. Thanks again Emm..
    I'm glad I found your website. At least I get a response back not like other sites I've visited. I'll be sure to share your site with all the cinematographers and photographers in Hawaii. Have a great week!

  67. xlerate

    @john d

    Thanks for the restating what everyone above you pointed out (best offer), I was in the dark until you enlightened me.

    I think you may have misinterpreted my jest of 'cheesy-ness-less' as being 'too poor'.

  68. Jackson Miller

    As far as the counterweight, he sells one seperate. I was going to bif 20 bucks down from the 150 price as long as they could be shipped together but when I was about to do it I found out my rig had already been shipped and I only wanted to do it if I could have them shipped together. However some people have figured out creative ways to mount weights such as these: Body-Solid Standard Plates

  69. Emm

    Post author

    @Prince, there's ways to configure it. This rig I have actually comes with two baseplates, not sure about the other sets. With the base plates, you'll have one to mount your camera, and one to mount the QR adapter. Again, once you have the standard rig, many many companies offer pieces that can be used together. If you guys aren't getting lucky at the auctions, really good rigs at inexpensive prices can be found at

  70. Emm

    Post author

    @Stoked, i'm sure i'll have plenty of parts left over that i'm not planning on using. The only thing i'm shopping for now is a solid Counterweight. This Gini doesn't have one.

  71. john d

    @ xlerate,
    Emm was referring to the auctions/best offer. Nowhere did he say to buy it at full price when the seller clearly has a 'best offer' button.

    If you are too poor to afford it for a fraction of the cost of what Zactu/RedR has their stuff priced at, then clearly this isn't intended for you.

    On a side note, I just ordered some stuff from another ebay seller from korea:
    I'll post a review of it when i get my parts.

  72. I wrote about getting the gini rig here a few weeks ago on the post where everyone was bashing the the black and blue rig quality-wise. I own some Zacuto pieces and some jag35 stuff. The Gini rig is of equal quality as far as I'm concerned. I got mine for $250.00 and had enough parts left over the almost build an additional rig. I may just get another one.

  73. Stoked

    Snagged one of these a few minutes ago!!! Like Prince, I had to go $100 dollars more than the super deal price of $399, but for $500 plus shipping, this stick kicks some major arse! Thanks a million for the info AND the blog.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've been to the "blue guys" website and gushed over their gear, but got dizzy when looking at the price tag. You have just given me the ability to get more rig than I could have imagined for an unbelievable price. A tip of the hat to you sir!!!


  74. Thanks for the info I feel much better now...Two more question if I may ask. Will the 7D connect directly to the base plate of the rig? And does it attach directly to the Bogen Manfrotto tripod heads. I have the 501.

  75. Emm

    Post author

    @Prince, yes these rigs are like DSLR legos. You make any type of design you want to mount your accessories and make holding the camera more stable. With the industry standard sized rods and clamps, you can use many different accessories from different companies from Follow Focus, Matte Box, Counter Weights, Shoulder Pads, Handles, and more.

  76. Hey Emm,

    Just wanted to say I can't stop looking at your website. I was so excited when I saw this write up on these Korean DSLR rigs. I ended up making an offer on the (DSLR RIG EXTERAM -17) from a different seller by the name of (opst77). He excepted my offer. Damn didn't get it for $399 like some of you did but $499 plus shipping. I'm still thinking I got a pretty good deal. Anyway kinda nervous due to the fact your write up was on a different seller gini1985 or something. Do you know if the other seller is legit as well and selling the same exact rig? The picture and info looks the same as gini's. Do you have this same rig and I'm assuming you love it? Sorry for such a long message. One last thing these rigs are compatible with the canon 7D's right? Thanks

  77. jason

    Scored a LION rig a couple of weeks ago. I can make two full rigs and have stuff left over for the price of one Zacuto target shooter.

  78. Jackson Miller

    Yeah, there is a lot there which should allow you to make multiple rigs/different setups. Very nice. Just get another baseplate and you have a rig for your B cam!

  79. Emm

    Post author

    @Jackson Miller. Yeah Listed at $1500 (I didn't pay that price), there's a ton of parts here. For my config, I may not even use up half of the stuff. Too bad the other DSLR rigs don't auction too.

  80. Jackson Miller

    WOW what a coinkidink. I literally just bought this same rig and it shipped out yesterday. I thought I could only afford one of the buy now rigs that was $600 or so, but then I decided to first try to bid on the rig seen here. Buy now price $1500. What did I pay I PAYED $399 PLUS SHIPPING! I am so hyped, can't wait for it to get here. As a general rule, always bid low on these.

  81. Ram

    Emm - can we know what the insane low price is? that wud make it a cheesydeal.
    I still am amazed by the kind of markups DSLR rigs have...insane for just a bunch of rods and joints - almost costs as much as the electronic marvel (aka camera)

  82. Riggz

    Emm's 100% right about the Gini Rigs. I got one for myself about a month ago and it's made a huge difference in not just the look of my handheld footage, but also the professional appearance of my entire DSLR package.

    @xlerate The key with these auctions is patience and NEVER PAY FULL PRICE. Go for the ones that give you a best offer option and bid low. Most of these auctions have no reserves and are still under the general DSLR shooter's radar.

    It arrived at my door, in the U.S., 6 days after the auction ended. All to the tune of $203+Shipping.

  83. Emm

    Post author

    @homing - I won an auction on a ridiculous bid. Looks like I got a bit more stuff for close to the price you paid back in 09. Did You see all the stuff in the pics? Crazy!

  84. Emm

    Post author

    @xelerate - LOL - I got my whole kit on an auction that nobody bid against. I put an absurd price, and it closed. I'm not saying go pay full price, but I'm letting you know Gini has plenty of auctions and best offer listings.

  85. There are a bunch of people on the C5D forums that talk about Gini and his stuff. Most people have the same amount of communication with him as you did. It sounds like a great alternative to the more expensive rigs out there!

  86. Yeah nice ! But still, i consider i was even luckier when i bought my gini rig. In november 09 the hype was still quite smooth and his prices where even lower.

  87. xlerate

    A steal?

    DSLR RIG G-CINEMA CW-10 weight control ring w clamp is $149 + $45 shipping.
    Only $45 shipping for something that weights about as much as a few washers?

    Handles... only $200 shipped.

    Something is wrong here...

    Cheesy fail.

  88. Dude, next time just send ME email, don't put it on the blog, ok? Now all your readers are going to run the price up.

    It's like David Hobby and the speedlight price inflation. When he started out, I could get a used Nikon speedlight for $70. Now, they're going for $135, if I'm lucky.

    Yeah, I know, this is new stuff, so theoretically the more buyers there are, the more suppliers will enter the market, the price should come down - but still, next time, give me 24 hours advance notice? Pretty please?


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