Flexible Friction Power Arms for DSLR accessories

Yeah, they rock! Was a bit worried about the size, type of material, and how much weight these things would carry, but I totally under estimated the quality. It's all metal in every segment. Lots of different mounting options from Male thread, to Female Threaded insert, to Hot shoe. Very cool highly positionable little arms that carry a crap load of weight. In the video above i'm showing these things carrying my other DSLR's while mounted to a Letus Talon DSLR Camera Cage. If you're looking to bring that Z96 LED video light a bit higher, move your Shotgun Microphone further away from the camera, add an HDMI LCD Monitor, or position your Portable Audio recorder into view so you can control it faster, these are the things that will help get your rig customized. If used with the Nano clamps, they become more versatile to mount onto Lightstands, onto the Rods of your rig, or clip onto the legs of your Tripod. In the past these types of arms ran well over $90 dollars for everything included, but here's a seller pawning them off for half that price: Link >> DSLR Variable Position Flexible Power Arm for Accessory Mounting

find-price-button Lightweight Variable Friction Power Arm For DSLR

find-price-button Manfrotto Nano Clamp

[Update] There was a comment in one of the earlier posts, that this item looks similar to the arms sold from Vibesta. Shortly after posting this article, I get an email from Mark of Vibesta. Here's a little bit more information from the man of Vibesta himself...

Hi all,
This is Mark from Vibesta and I can shed some light on this.
We are the manufacturer of these arms so if you find the identical arm somewhere it is from us (or a copy of it). It is right that we produce it in china to be able to offer it at the lowest price possible and we take great care of quality control to offer arms that are of the same or better quality compared to the best arms on the market.

We sell the arms to manufacturers, retailers and final customers so it is possible to get it through different sources but we try to offer Vibesta arms locally in as many countries as possible so that customers don’t have to pay high shipping costs or wait a longer time for their order – for example within the USA you can order Vibesta arms from Express35.com or Cory Easom, for europe we have local stock in Germany and we are constantly adding retailers within other countries to our network. We will very soon update our website so that it gives you more information where you can order our products locally.

As prices don’t differ a lot I would encourage you to order from a local source if possible to support your local dealers and also for better and more direct customer service.

Best regards,

Well i'm not sure how to follow up on this one. Obviously, If you're looking for these types of products in the US, check out the suggested retailers. If you're in Germany, Vibesta has the products locally. As far as the overseas sales, i'm guessing it's not going to be around very long....

23 thoughts on “Flexible Friction Power Arms for DSLR accessories

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent56 - Here's a dual hotshoe bracket httpss://cheesycam.com/dual-light-and-sound-hot-shoe-bracket/

    Another item is the triple shoe adapter which can be mounted to a hotshot stud httpss://cheesycam.com/triple-flash-or-led-light-shoe-mount-bracket/

  2. Vincent56

    looks like great quality, however.. how do you mount two of these without a very expensive cage? any tips for a hot shoe splitter?

  3. Ron

    I ordered this and after just 10 minutes I managed to tighten the adapters so tight that I can't remove them. Any tips? The only thing I can do is loosen the hot-shoe screw. The other's won't turn in either direction.

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  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Darin - the eBay one comes with everything. Both of mine came with the shoes, and male / female adapters.

  8. If I buy from the EBay listing in the post, is there a place to get the hot shoe adapter for it for less? From Express35, my cost with shipping is $29. The EBay seller doesn't seem to sell the adapter.

    I already have the hot shoe part, i just need to find the adapter piece with a female 1/4-20 thread on both ends.


  9. ZARK

    Any cheaper alternative to the mannfroto nanoclamp ?
    It's almost as expensive as the power arm πŸ™‚

  10. Simon

    I have used similar Noga Arms (Israeli Arm) and paid pro prices so assuming these are equivalent, it's a worthy investment at this price. Great tip.


  11. Emm

    Post author

    LOL. I split it because I messed up on what I was saying. Actually the camera will support SDXC with exFAT for no limit videos. For now you'll need Windows 7 for that.

  12. I am surprised how much weight those arms can take. But they seem perfect for a monitor or second cam.

    I have a question regarding the video shot with the 60D. I noticed you split the 4 minute video in 2. I assume the 60D has the 4 GB continuous recording limit that all DSLRs have.

    Have you ever heard of a firmware hack to extend the video shooting time in 1080p past the 4 gigs?

    Thanks! Great blog and a huge resource to anyone shooting with an HDSLR!!!

  13. Lensdude

    Those look good.

    I have already ordered one yesterday. I have been a long time believer in the larger Bogen Magic Arm (same concept) but these gismos look like they do the trick in a smaller package...

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