Canon 550D Timer ( Timelapse Intervalometer ) Remote

Other news, here's an item I just received. This is an aftermarket Timer (Timelapse Intervalomter) remote purchased from eBay for the Canon EOS 550D / T2i. I'll be doing a review on this item and also some battery tests with the OEM vs Aftermarket 550D / T2i batteries.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Art - The 60D and T2i use the same connector. It looks like a headphone mini jack. This same connector will also work with the small Canon G12 point and shoot. I have verified this on my all my cameras. Do you have a picture of what connector yours is coming with?

  2. Art

    I tried to purchase on of these on Amazon. Twice I got an item that does NOT work with the Canon 60D because 60D has no such connector. Is there a unit that DOES work with the 60 D?

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  4. Joshua

    I am looking at purchasing this as well, What kinda cord is that? I am also planning on doing the Painter Pole mod and want to use this remote for it. Thanks!

  5. Lawrence

    That's a disappointment.
    I haven't been able to identify a timer remote that does. 🙁

    Sounds like an opportunity for someone.

  6. Lawrence

    Does this, or any other timer remote you have seen, provide mode 1/2 switching? This is needed to record video rather than stills.


  7. Basically this is the same timer remote cord as the "Shoot MC-36B" that I tested on my site. The only difference is the display color and that you make your settings with the dial wheel (instead of buttons). By the way, the MC-36B is the one shown on the package 😉

    These remote cords work just great and build quality is also quite good. I went for the other model because I think normal buttons will last longer than the wheel.

    Dont't stop the reviews, Em. Great site!


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